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MOSAIC has launched!

January 28, 2010

First, a little bit about us… we’ve been ‘gloriously ruined’ by having our eyes opened to the tragedy of the worldwide orphan crisis. Seeing it up close and personal while we traveled down the path to parenthood was heartbreaking and life changing. But more often than not, pain causes a reaction (if it hurts, stop doing that!… or in this case, if doing nothing hurts, get moving!). So, this nagging hurt in our souls gradually morphed into a burning fire in our hearts to take action.  As Edward Everett said, “I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything; but still I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.”

Our life change began three years ago, when we adopted our daughter (then aged 2-1/2) from China. Sixteen months later, we were eager for #2. China again, but this time around, we went the ‘medical special needs route’. Our beautiful son (age 3-1/2), missing his right leg from the knee down – but completely unaware of his ‘limitation’ I’m convinced –  has been home with us for 5 months now (and gets his new leg next week!)

We’re still thinking and praying and searching for the right path (or paths) to take, but we have stepped out in faith and taken action. You gotta start somewhere, right? So, where are we going? Well, in a couple different directions.

First, we founded MOSAIC, an adoption | foster | orphan care ministry at our church. MOSAIC’s official launch is Sunday, Feb 7, 2010. Read more about MOSAIC here.  In 2010, MOSAIC is initiating and facilitating a long term partnership between Northpoint church (outside of Austin, Texas) and the Fountain of Life (FOL) church in Juja, Kenya (just outside of Nairobi). Northpoint supports FOL’s vision of orphan rescue and long-term care, and we will support them financially, through prayer and via mission trips.  We’re calling this C2C relationship PROJECT JUJA – click here to learn more!

We’ve also begun to serve on the Board of An Orphan’s Wish – which is a charity devoted to the financial sponsorship of the House of Love. The House of Love (HoL) is a group foster home in Guilin, China run by missionaries. HoL currently houses about 2 dozen children with special needs. The infant unit manages a wide range of medical issues, and the older children primarily have limb abnormalities and cerebral palsy. Last year, HoL launched a Club Foot Clinic, managing a large number of children’s cases successfully through non-surgical progressive casting.

And, what else…. oh yeah, (if you can call this ‘taking action’), we spend alot of time talking and wondering about where God is planning to send us for kiddo #3!

Welcome to the blog! Hope you’ll poke around some and come back from time to time. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, just click the “Sign me up!” button at the top of the right sidebar – then, you’ll receive an automatic email notification whenever there’s a new post.

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