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Good news from Kenya

March 28, 2010

Good news from Pastor James in Kenya! He has been holding some evangelical events and, as a result, is seeing more new faces each Sunday in church. His work with the orphans is beginning to have an impact in his community. The youth of Juja have begun volunteering at the church’s orphan care home on weekends, helping out around the place and playing with the children. Adults in the community are bringing fruits, vegetables, milk and clothing for the children. Some are even bringing the children to their homes for meals. One couple donated a goat so that the children would have meat. A teacher is volunteering her services to lead educational activities in the evenings for the children.

So, some crazy good things happening as the congregation of the Fountain of Life church (in Juja) and the community of Juja itself are coming alongside Pastor James and hearing his vision that the people of Juja are being called to save the orphan — as a primary mission. And they are living it day in and day out. It’s so cool and humbling that we at Northpoint – half a world away – get to play a role in that mission.

In the coming months and years, Northpoint will continue to support Pastor James — financially, through prayer, emotional support and pastor-to-pastor communication. A big goal of this church partnership is that Northpoint helps the Fountain of Life grow. The bigger and stronger Fountain of Life is, the more orphans who can be rescued. Along those lines, the primary goal of this summer’s mission trip to Kenya is to assist Pastor James in community outreach events, to help increase visibility for the Fountain of Life and their mission.

Check out the video to meet some of the kids that live in the family-style orphan care home on the Fountain of Life’s church property. Come with us this summer (July 25- August 3) and love on them! Email us at for more info!

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  1. Kelly Ann permalink

    This is all such good news and it really is awesome to hear how we at Northpoint can be a part of it. I especially loved to see the video this morning and the real pictures of these children that we are able to pray for and serve from halfway around the world!

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