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Juja Sunday!

August 8, 2010

Tomorrow is Juja Sunday at Northpoint church! A team of 13 from Northpoint recently traveled to Juja, Kenya to establish Northpoint’s relationship with Pastor James and the Fountain of Life church. Tomorrow, we will be talking about that trip at both the 9:30A and 11:00A church services and showing photos and video. Project Juja is the name we’ve given this relationship with our sister church and it represents MOSAIC’s first foray into orphan care. We are partnering with Pastor James, who has a long history of rescuing and caring for the orphan.

There are 12 orphans living in a family-style orphan care home on the Fountain of Life property in Juja, plus an additional 3 teenage orphans who are currently in a boarding-school style of high school. The doors of the kids’ home are thrown open all day long (when they aren’t in school) and kids stream in and out all day long, singing, dancing and playing soccer. It was so cool that it took us until mid-trip to finally figure out who was an orphan, who was a biological child of Pastor James and his wife Teresa, and who was a neighborhood kid — they are looked the same, were treated the same and were equally loved! We were blown away by the love, the pure joy and faith in God that we witnessed.

In Juja, we assisted Pastor James in a variety of outreach events. We held a free 2-day medical clinic and cared for almost 600 patients. Our amazing student leaders led a sports outreach for 150+ kids. We visited women and kids in the community as part of Pastor James’ vulnerable children ministry. These are kids at risk for orphaning as they live with one remaining parent who is HIV positive. Pastor James helps them out with food, school fees, and basic necessities as a way to keep the family together for as long as possible, while building a relationship with the Moms so that they have some peace knowing that there is a safe, loving place for their children to go once they pass.

So much to say! Pastor Buck (from Northpoint) had some great vision casting sessions with Pastor James and the other leaders of Fountain of Life church. We will be processing through that over the coming weeks and making decisions on our next steps. Pastor James has BIG visions for reaching his community, Kenya and east Africa. Over the next 10 years, he hopes to plant 3 additional churches, each with an orphan care home on its property. We discussed some possible micro-finance projects that would allow his church to grow its orphan care ministry without relying on Western financial aid, and he has ideas for expanding the free medical clinics.

More to come soon. For now, check out some pics from the trip here:


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